Dr. Renee Behinfar

Dr. Behinfar is a clinical psychologist and human, and animal rights advocate. She’s received training in the assessment and diagnosis of survivors of torture and human rights abuses and provides clinical affidavits for immigration cases involving political asylum and extreme hardship and domestic abuse. She also provides post critical incident assessments for law enforcement and has provided training for SWAT, and she works with the serious mental illness population. 

Her pro bono work has included PTSD training for first responders, educators, and veterans and staff at veteran homeless shelters. She also volunteers for, and mentors and trains volunteer psychologists of HealthRight International, a non-profit global health and human rights organization.

In the scope of advocacy, she has authored articles, fundraised, and organized and attended events in support of the freedom-seeking people of Iran. She also volunteers to provide smiles to children with illnesses, and she’s a dedicated voice for animals.