Amir Fassihi M.D.

Amir Fassihi M.D. is a radiologist, author, inventor, entrepreneur and political activist living in Southern California.

He performed his undergraduate work in the field of biology and ecology at UCLA and was ranked 161 amongst a pool of nearly 35,000 applicants to UCSF School of Medicine for the 1995 incoming class. Upon obtaining his medical degree from UCSF, he spent a year as an intern in general medicine department at VA/West LA Medical Center followed by a residency in the field of radiology at Keck/USC Medical Center followed by a year of fellowship in Neuroradiology during which time he was the Chief Fellow. In 2003, he was awarded the Roentgen Resident/Fellow Research Award in recognition of outstanding residents and fellows in radiological research. He is currently licensed in over 30 states and provides neuroradiology and emergency radiology consulting to 240 hospitals across the United States.

Dr. Fassihi is the inventor and designer of Amniobed, the first incubator for preterm infants utilizing synthetic amniotic fluid and founder and CEO of Amnion Life Medical Devices.

Dr. Fassihi is a recognized expert on Iranian culture and politics. In 2012 he published "Iran's Nowruz Revolution: Legacy of Violence, Promise of Nonviolence and Celebrations as Civil Disobedience", a manuscript on the potential for civil disobedience and nonviolent revolution in Iran through the use of sixteen ancient and often banned Iranian celebrations. He also served as the Executive Director for Andishgah Center for Research on Iranian Affairs.

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