Our Story

Since the 1979 revolution, millions of Iranians have been forced to leave their ancient land and seek freedom elsewhere. More than a million Iranians live in the United States, with millions more in Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Wherever they reside, Iranians have prospered in business, academia, and politics. But they have not forgotten the daily struggles of their family, friends, and compatriots under the Islamic Republic.

The Iranian diaspora has looked on in sadness as a once mighty and proud nation withers from water shortage, unemployment, hunger, and everyday repression. But a ray of light has appeared.

Since December 2017, Iranians have stood their ground in thousands of protests across hundreds of cities against Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s dictatorship. Iran’s widespread civil disobedience movement includes women, farmers, teachers, laborers, students, and Iranians from all religious and ethnic backgrounds. 

Iranian-Americans have heard the cries of their sisters and brothers and stand ready to help build a new Iran. Having learned the best and worst of democracy in America, many foresee a bright future for a secular, democratic, and prosperous Iran with constitutionally guaranteed civil rights and equality for all citizens, so that Iran will one day resume its role as a great civilization and peaceful member of the world community. 

New Iran’s mission is to revive Iran as it joins America and the free world in creating a lasting foundation of peace and prosperity for all.

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